Why I didn’t address affairs of Nigeria in my new EP – Falz


Rapper Falz has opened up on why he deliberately refused to address the affairs of Nigeria in his newly released EP.

Falz disclosed that he purposely chose to tone down on sociopolitically conscious lyrics in his recently released Extended Play ‘Before the Feast’.

He stated that he did not speak much about Nigerian matters because he was determined to complain less, as the mood he was attempting to communicate must be free from complaint.

Falz stated in an interview with The Punch that his primary goal was to instill in those who listen to the mindset that Africans should have in 2024.

Why I didn’t address affairs of Nigeria in my new EP – Falz
Falz, Nigerian rapper

Falz said;

“On this project, I am not doing much of the social or political commentary that I typically do. There are socially conscious lyrics, but not particularly about the affairs of the country.

“That is intentional as well. I resolved not to complain because the emotion I am trying to convey has to be one that comes without that element of complaining. I want to put the listener in the mindset I feel they should have as African existing in 2024.”

On why he fused different genres of music on the EP Falz said;

“It was very intentional. What I want to do with the EP is to cleanse the palette of the listener. I aimed to make it as diverse as possible with the sounds

“It is interesting that only one producer worked on more than one song on the project. Each song has a new producer, which was not even intentional. That allowed us to achieve a wide range of sounds. So, yes, it was intentional.”