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WATCH: Cristal Kay’s edgy dance moves have Jamaicans mistaking her for Britney Spears

South African reality TV star Christall Kay of Real Housewives of Johannesburg made a splash on the latest episode of Showmax Ultimate Girls Trip South Africa.

Known for her larger-than-life personality and bold fashion choices, Christall quickly became the center of attention, but her unexpected dance moves stole the show.

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The cast of Showmax Ultimate Girls Trip South Africa traveled to Jamaica for a week of sun, fun, and plenty of drama. It’s currently airing on Showmax.

As the group enjoyed a night out at one of the island’s hottest clubs, Real Housewives of Johannesburg, she decided to take the dance floor by storm.

It’s Christal Bi*$#!

She captivated the crowd with a combination of enthusiasm and some truly unique choreography.

Her social media followers have been privy to her special moves. However, in Jamaica and followers of the show got to enjoy the best of her energetic and wriggly moves, some even featuring somersaults, while dressed in a sheer t-printed top and shiny pants.

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Her moves were a whirlwind of high-energy twirls, impromptu splits, and dramatic hair flips

The audience couldn’t get enough, and neither could her fellow cast members.

Social media lit up with clips of her dance, quickly going viral.

Amidst the flashing lights and the pumping beats of the outdoor sandy beach club ,something unexpected happened.

Dance diva antics

@thiagoriosoficial Britneyspears dançando #famosos #dançando #Britneyspears #divadopop ♬ Bloody mary – Hopez99

A group of Jamaican locals, entranced by Christall’s blonde hair and flashy dance moves, began shooting videos thinking it was Britney.

It didn’t take long for the entire club to join in. They were convinced that the iconic pop star Britney Spears had made a surprise appearance.

@avuyapeter Who doesnt love Christy 🤣❤ #showmax #realhousewives #ultimategirlstrip #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – Avuya Peter

Videos of Britney being in Jamaica started circulating on TikTok called “ Brittney Spears in Ja’

Fellow cast member Mel Viljoen giggled “It’s the moves for me “.
While Christall said, “ It turns out that everyone in Jamaica thinks I’m Brittney Spears with my dance moves“.

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The crowd went wild, and for that night, she was not just Christall from Mzansi, but an honorary Britney Spears in Jamaica. A follower even called the video ‘iconic’.

The comparison is justified as Britney often posts herself dancing in her house with similar moves.

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The next morning, Christall and the cast laughed about the mix-up over breakfast.

“I haven’t lost my touch,” Christall joked, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

The moment became one of the most talked-about highlights of the trip, cementing her status as the season’s breakout star.

Seasoned performer

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Already a seasoned performer Christall has been gracing stages for years with her singing and dancing career. She is also a recording artist who doesn’t shy away from a performance.

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Back in South Africa, the episode aired to record-breaking viewership. Fans couldn’t get enough of Christall’s Jamaican adventure and her unexpected transformation into a pop star doppelgänger

Christall Kay: Brittney’s Twin

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She, took it all in stride, enjoying the newfound attention. She’s planning her next set of unforgettable dance moves for her ever-growing audience.

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With all her drama, fights, and emotional outbursts, Christall Kay’s appearance on “Ultimate Girls Trip South Africa” was more than just a reality TV stint. It’s a cultural phenomenon that bridged continents and brought a touch of Britney Spears’ magic to the shores of Jamaica.

This may just spawn the hashtag hashtag #ChristallDanceChallenge to begin, with fans attempting to replicate her wild routine.