Two corpers who are couples establish akara business at Unibadan


A creative NYSC couple has turned their passion into a thriving business venture at the University of Ibadan (UI), Oyo state.

In a video shared on TikTok by @the_gashmos01, the entrepreneurial duo revealed how they utilize their free time after their primary assignments to run a bustling akara business.

couple akara corpers nysc ibadan

The clip showcases their dedication to their craft, as they expertly prepare and sell akara to eager customers.

The couple’s commitment to their business has clearly resonated with the public, as they receive steady patronage from satisfied customers.

Their determination to succeed in their akara business, despite the challenges of balancing it with their NYSC responsibilities, has left a lasting impression on social media users.

Check out reactions that followed …

@todimu said: “Wait, are they couples or siblings?”

@Ajoke Ade said: “Please, boy, when you make it and get to the top, don’t forget the lady that stands by you selling Akara. This is loaded please.”

@Anjorins Vlog said: “Omo. This kind of idea entered our head when we self dey serve. But the fear of the unknown and known no make us do am.”

@Abike gold said: “I hope using NYSC cloth will not affect you in any way? Just a question please.”

@richman johnson said: “This is great, wishing you both God speed.”

@mumcy lateef said: “God bless your handwork.”

@adenike said: “Good one but why didn’t you put pepper and onion?”

Watch video below …


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