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TV star tries to find love on US dating show but cannot ignore how 'happy Americans are'

Somehow, a contestant on the American version of Love Island has started complaining about the mood of people from the USA. Aaron joined the Love Island USA line-up but quickly became a villain.

Singletons are gathering to find a connection on Love Island: USA. Viewers may soon recognise Aaron, a star of the UK’s The Traitors who won thousands of pounds and is now getting his next reality TV fix.

Aaron smiles wearing blue patterned shirt next to his name spelled out on Love Island USA, colored blocks behind.
Credit: Love Island USA/Peacock

Aaron makes Love Island USA debut

Aaron jumped from winning over £100K on The Traitors to trying to find his match on First Dates. When that failed, he ended up travelling all the way to America to meet a potential partner.

He admits he’s a “mommy’s boy,” which makes sense as he gave a lot of his winnings on The Traitors to her. She’s the person Aaron tells everything to and always wonders if a girl would get along with her.

Anyone who doesn’t make the cut is removed from his life. Although he’s hoping to meet a fine American woman, many aren’t happy with his casting and reckon he should be on the UK version of Love Island.

Can’t get over ‘how happy Americans are’

Aaron made it very clear he simply cannot click with “how happy Americans are,” while bonding with Liv over how he thinks American people don’t understand what “taking the p*ss” involves.

However, the islanders may be disliking his British ignorance, such as when he asked what chipotle is after Kaylor told him, “”Do you like Chipotle beans? I like Chipotle beans.”

He’s already hitting it off

Aaron is already getting along just fine with fellow contestant, Kaylor. She ended up getting teary over him speaking to Liv in a bout of jealousy, even though it’s only been a day or two.

He was on the look out for a new girlfriend months ago, when he appeared on First Dates, and is “looking for a girl in the villa, green eyes, 5’5, thick thighs”. He’s since clarified he likes blonde hair and blue eyes.


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