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TV star shares heartbreaking details of sister's near-death accident – 'Miracle she's alive'

Daisy Kelliher is known for being Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Chief Stew and all-around good-time gal. But, this June, she shares a terrifying ordeal her whole family endured. Daisy takes to social media to say it’s a “miracle” her sister is “alive.”

Below Deck fans have gotten to know Daisy since she’s a long-standing member of Sailing Yacht. With many yachties in her family and a grandfather who was an Olympic sailor for Ireland, the Bravo star had a lot to live up to. Outside of the reality TV show, it appears Daisy is rallying around her family during their time of need.

Daisy leans on her arm during conversation on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Highlight
Credit: Screenshot via via Bravo YouTube channel/Below Deck Sailing Yacht Highlight

Below Deck’s Daisy dashes to her sister’s side

On June 19, Daisy took to Instagram to share “part one” of her “upsetting message” with her followers.

The 37-year-old explains how two and a half weeks ago her younger sister “had an accident in Thailand.”

She writes: “I got a message on Instagram from a friend of hers telling me she had been in an accident with no other information this was on the Friday and it had happened on the Thursday, by Saturday my parents were on a flight to her.”

The Bravo star continues to explain her sister had to undergo “several surgeries including her chest, face and brain, and two emergency surgeries.

The TV personality’s younger sibling had to endure a 12-hour surgery, she writes.

Daisy adds: “She got discharged from ICU over the weekend and is now in a normal room and looking like another two weeks in hospital possibly longer.”

TV star adds an update on her sister

Daisy’s first post about her sister’s accident had many of her fellow Bravo stars sending words of love and support her way.

Malia White comments on the post: “Thinking of you both. Sending lots of love and prayers for a smooth recovery,” and Danielle Olivera writes: “Sending love and strength to the entire family, you guys got this, extra big hug.”

A day later on June 19, Daisy updated her followers to say she’d arrived in Koh Samui to be with her sister.

She explains she wanted to be there to support her sister and help her parents “as it’s been quite an ordeal for them.”

Daisy writes: “I am sat by her side on her 34th birthday, with the extent of her injuries it’s quite a miracle she’s alive and we all feel optimistic and positive with time she will make a full recovery.”

There’s a deeper reasoning to Daisy sharing her family’s ordeal online, however. She explains she wants to raise awareness around the accident.

The Below Deck star explains:

“For anyone who might see this who is going on holiday or travelling or anything like this. Please don’t get on the moped and if you do wear a helmet and have insurance (no helmet, no insurance). My family have seen several people over the weeks be admitted and not all have been as lucky as Bonnie. Also always look out for your friends. If it hadn’t have been for Bonnie’s friend who she met out here things could have been different. It was her who realised Bonnie didn’t come home, who found her in the hospital (as she had no phone) and was able to reach us. If it wasn’t for her things could have been different. She was so fast acting and a huge support to my family. So always always check on your friends.”

She adds: “We hope by sharing this story it may save a life or save another person or family having to go through this. We can’t quite believe how close we were to losing her.”

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