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TV dating show just gave a box of cereal 'more air time' than a contestant

In practically the most obvious product placement ever, Love Island just debuted Best Cereal, which only came out in March. Kris Jenner works hard, but YouTube group, The Sidemen, work harder.

Harriett was having a chat with her Love Island co-stars about their connections. However, something was catching ITV viewers’ eyes, and it was the delicious-looking Best Cereal that sat centre stage.

Patsy looks down to left of Munveer, who wears cream top and looks ahead, both wearing mics on chest on Love Island.
Credit: ITV plc/Love Island

Love Island promotes Best Cereal

Love Island promoted Best Cereal’s two flavours on the June 13 episode. While Harriett, Mimii and Sean were discussing their connections, such as Sean’s romance with Jess, it was right there on camera.

Fans watching said the cereal promotion was “so obvious,” with many asking if they had a brand deal with the show. It wasn’t the first time viewers noticed it, either, as the islanders have been eating it all series.

“We’ve always grown up in the UK and watched reality TV throughout our whole childhoods, from Big Brother to Love Island to I’m a Celebrity,” Sidemen member Vik Barn told the BBC. “We were thinking, ‘OK, this year, what is our new project?’ Why not have a stab at our own spin on a reality TV show?”

‘More air time’ than former contestant

Somehow, that Best Cereal was noticed by viewers more than former contestant, Munveer, who was dumped from the island during the last eviction. He was in the bottom three with Patsy.

During his time on the show, he didn’t really form any romantic connections. However, fans often discussed how he was barely getting any air time – and now a cereal is getting “more” than him.

Sidemen ‘making moves’ with cereal

The Sidemen didn’t just bring out their first reality show, Inside, but are now making serious moves by promoting their cereal on Love Island. KSI is certainly not holding back from reality TV!

It offers two HFSS-compliant variants, Choco Crunch and Caramel Gold, costing £2 for 375g and available at Tescos. The Sidemen partnered with Mornflake for the product in March.


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