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TV boat captain says cancer doctors 'look at him like he's lost his mind' as he heads out to sea

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Deadliest Catch is back with its twentieth season. Some of the returning cast members have been around since the show’s early days including Sig Hansen, Jake Anderson, and “Wild” Bill Wichrowski. Fans have gotten to know the boating captains very well over almost 20 years. Now, they witness how one long-standing star is sadly battling cancer.

From newbie Morgan Wallace’s hip having to be popped back into its socket to a fire aboard the F/V Wizard, all kinds of dramatic events are taking place on Deadliest Catch – and all in the show’s premiere episode. As episode 2 arrives, fans see how Captain Bill is coping with his current health battles.

Deadliest Catch’s Bill is battling cancer

Last year, fans were left wondering where Captain Bill went on Deadliest Catch. He received a life-threatening diagnosis at the end of season 19.

Bill is back aboard the F/V Summer Bay this June. But before he sets out on a new crab fishing season, he has to visit the doctor’s office for prostate cancer treatment.

Episode 2 sees the Captain being administered a synthetic hormone called Lupron while at an appointment.

The doctor explains some of the side effects Bill may experience, he lists: “nausea, vomiting, trouble urinating, and anger.”

Captain is still fishing

Despite being in treatment for prostate cancer, ‘Wild’ Bill is still soldiering on with the crabbing season.

He tells cameras: “When you tell them you want to go to the Bering Sea when you’ve started treatment, they look at you like you’ve lost your mind. I don’t know how I’m going to feel. But, I’m here.”

Bill takes the helm of the F/V Summer Bay this year and fans say the star is in their prayers in the comments.

One writes on the X (Twitter) post: “Bill, I was fortunate that my prostate cancer was caught early. Hope all goes well.”

Another comments: “Hoping for the best for Captain Bill. I’ve been watching DC for a long time. Medicine has come a long way with cancer treatment!”

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