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Simon Cowell calls siblings 'powerful' after they dedicate song to late mom they 'lost to mental health'

The Reklaws are a sibling duo who recently took to the America’s Got Talent stage. They performed a ground-breaking moment of pure emotion when they dedicated their song to their late mom.

Years after their late mom named their band The Reklaws, which is their surname backwards, America’s Got Talent duo Jenna and Stew are now honoring her with an original song.

The Reklaws look to right on America's Got Talent.
Credit: America’s Got Talent/NBC

The Reklaws lost mom to mental health

Jenna and Stew grew up with their parents and family on a farm in Kirkwall, which became known for its pig races and regular public events. The sibling duo would regularly perform for customers at the farm.

Hundreds of people visited Yeehaw Adventure Farm, which their mom helped run. Wanting their original song to be specifically about their mom, who they lost to mental health, they went back and forth.

They lost their mom in 2022, which “shook up their world” and “became a really tough time for their family”. Jenna said, “The whole reason we’re here is because of her, I hope she can see us here.”

Simon Cowell calls siblings ‘powerful’

After Jenna and Stew performed People Don’t Talk About, Simon Cowell called them “unbelievably powerful”. He claimed the judges and audience were “rooting for them” even before they started singing.

He said, “I like it when the group is a family.” Afterwards, Howard Stern said he “doesn’t usually open up to lyrics like this” before adding that they’re lifting the stigma on mental health.

Helen Klum said they “deserve” their success, while Sofia Vergara said it was “impeccable”. Simon was equally impressed, calling the written song “stunning” and giving them their fourth yes.

Duo already successful in Canada

The Recklaws are already doing well in the Canadian music industry, and are hoping to reach the entirety of America on the NBC competition. They’ve already released three albums together.

Known as a Canadian country music duo from North Dumfries, Ontario, their band was formed in 2012. By 2021, their viral TikTok hit, What the Truck, had earned PLATINUM-certification!

This became the fastest-ever Canadian country song to go PLATINUM in the streaming era. They’ve also been nominated for eight JUNO awards and won eight Canadian Country Music Association awards.


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