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‘Retract your statements’ – Nara Smith threatens legal action against Onezwa Mbola

US-based content creator Nara Smith has threatened legal action against South African chef and content creator Onezwa Mbola.

This follows Mbola’s accusation that Smith has been stealing her content ideas and style, and profiting from them.

“For months now, I have watched a very popular content creator use my ideas…They have continuously used my ideas to get views.

“That would be fine except in South Africa, we don’t get paid for views, and where she is, they do get paid for views. So, she has been making money off stealing my content,” Mbola said in a video a few days ago, without naming Smith.

Nara Smith’s letter to Onezwa Mbola

In response, Smith has issued a letter to Mbola, demanding a public retraction of what she calls “entirely false” allegations.

In her letter, Smith stated that the allegations were untrue and damaging to her reputation.

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She claimed that the videos in question are not her original creations and that she has proof on TikTok to support this.

She added: “Your false accusations have caused significant harm to my personal and professional reputation. This email serves as a formal notice that if you do not retract your statements and cease making these defamatory claims immediately, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against you for defamation of character.

“I strongly urge you to take this matter seriously and to address it promptly to avoid further legal consequences. I expect your prompt response and a public retraction of your false claims.”

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