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Reality TV star 'looks like a different person' after plastic surgery, say fans

Two years back and Holly Scarfone was being romantically linked to none other than The Lord Scott Disick himself. Now, she’s left her Kardashian ties behind her, as well as her Too Hot To Handle past. Holly is currently starring in Perfect Match season 2. Since her casting on the show, Netflix fans can’t help but speculate about potential plastic surgery she’s opted for.

While Netflix shows like Too Hot To Handle and The Trust see reality stars competing for cash, Perfect Match is all about love. Whichever duo seems to be the best fit is crowned the winner. Holly is joined by the likes of Harry Jowsey, Tolú Ekundare, Melinda Berry, and Stevan Ditter.

Holly Scarfone attends the Los Angeles premiere of "Break" at Harmony Gold on April 24, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
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Holly Too Hot To Handle: Holly’s plastic surgery rumors

Holly Scarfone was plunged into the spotlight two years ago when she appeared as a contestant on Too Hot To Handle season 3.

The Colorado gal was 23 years old at the time and went on to become a finalist of the season.

Now, she’s appearing on Perfect Match and looking to make a lasting connection with one of her co-stars.

As six episodes of the show arrive on Netflix, fans are speculating the reality TV star has opted in for extensive plastic surgery.

Some take to a Reddit thread to say Holly looks like a “totally different person,” while more agree they think she’s “looking so different.”

Fans are ‘shocked by changing appearance’

Holly has many of her fans thinking she’s opted in for some cosmetic procedures. Some suggest a “nose job,” while more say she’s had “lip filler.”

Lots of people liken the TV star to having looks the same as “Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner” these days.

One commented: “I really feel like she looks like Francesca Fargo now, which is really sad because Holly was so beautiful to me. She is still beautiful but not in the unique way she did before.”

More commented: “I thought she was so gorgeous before!! But, hey, if she’s happy that’s all that matters.”

Holly has been transparent about the work she has chosen to have done.

Taking to her YouTube channel earlier this year, Holly explained how she opted for lip filler from the age of around 18. However, she shared how she’s now had them “dissolved,” and told her fans of the process.

Holly also took to TikTok two years ago to share she was opting for a nose job.

She said it was her “first surgery ever” and that she felt “terrified.”

The Perfect Match star explained: “OK, it’s happening today, I am getting my nose done. Just a disclaimer, I love my nose. I’m not insecure about it, but I did get hit in the nose and I can’t breathe out of this side.”

Holly said the doctor was carrying out the procedure to fix her “deviated septum.” After surgery, which took five hours, she said “It turned out not only was the tip deviated, I was deviated all the way up my nose. Now, I can breathe.”


Sharing my ecperince for informative purposes 💜 before and afters at the end! Will be posting more details/ journey on my youtube💜

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Holly’s cosmetic procedures

While Holly stated her only dose of plastic surgery came in the form of her nose job, she has also shared some other cosmetic procedures she’s chosen to have done.

She took to TikTok two years ago to say she was getting “preventative botox” with Barrett Plastic Surgery.

The TV star said she was “nervous” as she didn’t like needles. She shows a ‘before and after’ video of her forehead moving.

In the ‘after’ shot, she writes: “No more creasing” as she points to her smooth forehead.


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