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Progressive Caucus led by EFF want urgent meeting with ANC over GNU

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Al Jama-ah, United Democratic Movement, United Africans Transformation, African Transformation Movement and the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania have written to ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, asking for a meeting on Friday morning ahead of the first sitting of the seventh parliament.

This is despite the EFF on Thursday saying the party will not be participating in the ANC’s Government of National Unity (GNU).

The six parties, which call themselves the Progressive Caucus, are disgruntled about having been excluded from discussions about the GNU.  

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Political exclusion

The Progressive Caucus said it noted President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plans to enter into discussions with an “open mind and a commitment to speak to all parties that have a stated intention to advance the interests of the people”.

“Despite the president’s assurance, the aforementioned parties have been politically excluded from meaningful and comprehensive GNU discussions. The engagements held thus far have been meaningless and fragmented, with bilateral meetings between the ANC and individual members of the Progressive Caucus that have not yielded substantive outcomes.”

During a meeting at Taj Hotel on Thursday night, the parties said they discussed the formation of the GNU and its current status.

“We have a right to form an integral part of the discussions that will ultimately lead to a GNU, which will ensure the creation of an effective parliament that can discharge its constitutional mandate to hold the executive to account, ensuring a government that acts in service of the people.

“A collective meeting should take place in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, and in a non-zero-sum and integrative manner to ensure that the goals and aspirations of all South Africans are significantly enhanced,” the caucus said.


The once-dominant ANC lost its majority in the worst showing for the party in the national and provincial elections since it came to power 30 years ago.

With the elections not producing an outright winner, the ANC said that it will be forming a GNU where it will govern with all parties represented in parliament.

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