Nigerian man excited as he ties the knot with Caucasian lover


Young Nigerian man cannot hold back his joy as he gets married to his Caucasian lover in grand style.

The video was shared on TikTok by the designer of the bride’s dress, @nikkyxclusive.

The couple, obviously excited at the prospect of spending the rest of their lives together were seen engaging in a passionate kiss.

Nigerian man excited as he ties the knot with Caucasian lover
The beautiful couple.

Many netizens took to the comments to share their opinion about the new married couple.

See some of them below

@adudu560 asked: “why our boys nor dey Marry our old women”

@BeRry wrote: “Congrats to u both❤ your new home is blessed🥰 i tap from your blessings🌹❤🤭

@Awakening simps☠ said: “Good one bro. The goal is survival. No stress in 2024”

@hopelivinglarge wrote: “As Nigeria girls one use billing wound us, we go follow oyibos 😂

@bright__r said: “CR1 visa na your mate?? God go do am for me too 🤭🙏

@kelvin_kertz opined: “Funny thing is, this woman knows why the guy is with her but she doesn’t mind as far as she’s getting the attention and delulu care from him.”

Watch the video here


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