Let Eid rekindle spirit of kindness, love for one another – Seidu Agongo

Businessman and philanthropist, Alhaji Seidu Agon­go, has appealed to Ghanaians to show more compassion and generosity to one another during the Eid al-Adha festival and beyond.

Alhaji Agongo, who is spon­soring thousands of people in school through skills training and with shelter, food, and funds, said it was only in giving that human beings found true fulfilment in the worship of Allah and the manifes­tation of their spiritual beliefs.

Speaking to the media to mark this year’s Eid al-Adha celebra­tion, the founder of the collapsed Heritage Bank Limited said while giving should be an everyday thing, occasions like ‘Sallah’ were meant to bring humanity closer to God as well as remind them of the need to share with each, however little.

Alhaji, therefore, expressed the hope that Muslims and Christians alike would use the occasion to preach and spread love, compas­sion, and any material gains they have been blessed with.

The founder of the Class Media Group (CMG) said giving was particularly crucial this year, given the economic challenges that the country found itself in.

With prices of basic items and utilities rising; eroding the already meagre incomes of fellow citizens and underprivileged families,

It is against this backdrop that last week an Imam at the Ashaiman Newtown Junction Mosque, Mallam Abdul Rakib Abubakar, advised Muslims to cel­ebrate the Eid within budget, given the economic challenges.

Alhaji Agongo said it was evi­dent that not many families would be able to afford the special meals associated with such occasions, hence the need for the few privi­leged to support the needy.

Alhaji Agongo also admonished Ghanaians to cherish and nurture the diversity in society shaped by our hereditary backgrounds, life experiences, inheritances, and the favours bestowed by God.

“Whether one follows a specific religion or a unique spiritual path, the essence of our existence is to live harmoniously, recognising the value each person brings to the world. Our diversity is not a barrier but a beautiful tapestry that weaves together a more vibrant society,” he said.

He said these differences, which he described as blessings, should be celebrated, not as points of division but as opportunities for growth and strength.

“In these trying times, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity. Let us embrace the differences that make us unique and cherish the commonalities that bind us.

“By doing so, we can create a world where mutual respect and understanding prevail, ensuring that the human race thrives in a spirit of coexistence and harmo­ny,” Alhaji Agongo said.

The CMG he founded com­prises the Class FM, Accra FM, Ho FM, CTV, and Dagbon FM, among other media houses nation­wide.

Alhaji Agongo pays the fees of hundreds of students at vari­ous levels of education and also constructed an outpatient block for the Child Emergency Unit of Korle Bu in 2018.

Last year, he donated cash to more than 1,150 aged and other vulnerable residents of Mepe in the Volta Region affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage disaster.

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