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Kim Kardashian 'steals North's thunder' in ERL fit that costs half an annual salary

Kim Kardashian’s fans have seen her in some iconic outfits in her time. Some have been deemed whacky, while others look simply uncomfortable. But, her latest ‘kk in erl’ look seems particularly hectic as fans think she’s stealing her daughter’s Lion King moment.

This May, 10-year-old North West took to the Hollywood Bowl stage to perform as young Simba in a live concert event of The Lion King. Kim and Ye’s daughter received some backlash for her performance with some people dubbing her a “nepo baby,” but now it seems fans are on North’s side as her mom dons a shearling outfit from head-to-toe.

Kim Kardashian is seen on March 3, 2024 in Paris, France.
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Kim Kardashian showcases ‘kk in erl’

Kim Kardashian is a risk-taker when it comes to her closet. Gone are the days of her wearing a multitude of pencil skirts and bodycon dresses, the mom of four dons all kinds of outfits these days.

Her latest look comes from California brand, ERL, and fans are commenting their mixed reviews on Instagram.

As Kim wears yellow wool from head to toe – including the label’s hat, bag, coat, and chaps, some of her followers raise an eyebrow.

Taking to the comments section, one person said: “Tempura glam.”

Another asked: “What in the Sesame Street Big Bird is going on here?”

More had the outfit reminding them of Big Bird from Sesame Street, and asked: “Is that the Big Bird summer look?”

Kim’s eye-catching look comes at a hefty cost. Per the ERL website, the chaps are over $22,000. The shearling bag costs almost $1500, and the coat is nearly $7,000. Not forgetting the matching hat, too.

In total, the look is estimated to cost around $40,000.

‘Kourtney was right’, say fans

While lots of people dub Kim’s furry look a “vibe,” more say they’re “obsessed” and one writes how they “want to live in that outfit 24/7.”

But, there are many more commenters on her post who are not feeling “Hakuna Matata” about any of it.

Lots of fans took to IG to write: “Yeah we all see Kourtney’s point now.”

Kourtney Kardashian once accused her younger sister of making everything about herself.

And, since North West was the one to wear the ERL pieces during her Lion King performance, fans are now suggesting her mom is stealing her thunder.

One commented: “Okay but her wearing this after her daughter completely butchered the role of young Simba is just hilarious.”

Another said: “Imagine paying to let your daughter have a moment then not letting your daughter have a moment.”

More added: “One thing she gone do is upstage her daughter cause she bought the stage.”

And, another asked: “Kimberley wasn’t that Northie’s costume?”


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