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Kim Kardashian admits 'regret' over her parenting but intentions are 'innocent', says expert

The Kardashians season 5 sees single mom-of-four Kim Kardashian totally overwhelmed by motherhood. She lets the cameras in on her chaotic household as she juggles parenting her four children, studying for a law degree, and running billion-dollar businesses.

Kim Kardashian “wishes” she was more like her sister, Khloé, when it comes to parenting. Khloé Kardashian may be younger than Kim, but she says her sister is “better at being strict” than her. The Kardashians star admits to “locking herself in the bathroom” to hide” from her children on the TV show. Now, relationship and body language expert, Nicole Moore, gives Reality Tidbit her take on Kim’s situation.

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Kim Kardashian ‘can’t say no’

During The Kardashians season 5, Kim Kardashian shares how she struggles to “say no” to her children. The reality TV star is mom to North, 10, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm West, 5.

She says: “I’m just one person and it’s overwhelming.”

Fans clocking onto her struggle take to a Reddit thread to say they think “saying no to her kids is her personal hell.”

More recall a time Kim’s ex, Ye, said their daughter “ripped up couches so that she could attend his Vultures album launch,” in an “online rant,” per The Sun.

A fan wrote: “And we know down the line she told a North not to go to Kanye’s show, and North destroyed that white couch over it. Wonder how that’s going for her now…”

While Kim and her sister agreed that her parenting style is akin to that of her mom, Kris Jenner’s, it appears she’s struggling big time in the show’s latest season.

Body language and relationship expert Nicole Moore weighs in on the family dynamic and tells Reality Tidbit: “Kim’s dynamic with her children reveals that she probably experiences a lot of mom guilt and avoids this feeling by giving in to her children when she really wants to say no.

“A big storyline on the Kardashians is Kim’s busy schedule and while she likely tries her best to be there for the children as much as possible, it’s clear that she can’t give her four children as much undivided attention as they would probably prefer. It’s common for mothers that work a lot to want the time they do spend with their children to be as happy as possible, and this can often lead to parents saying yes to children when they want to say no just to try and make them happy.”

‘The kids have been put through a lot’

Kim has been open in her struggles with parenthood for a long time.

Speaking in a confessional on her show in the past, she said her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, explained to her that her daughter, North West, is “her lesson.”

She added: “She teaches me patience.”

But, expert Nicole adds, how it’s not just that Kim’s kids are running riot for no reason.

The Love Works podcast host tells Reality Tidbit: “Kim’s children have been put through a lot between paparazzi, public scrutiny and their parent’s divorce and it’s possible that Kim worries at times that her children don’t feel as loved or secure as she wants them to.”

Expert says Kim’s intentions are ‘innocent’

Kim says she grabs her kids’ attention a certain way, and it sure grabbed viewers’ attention this June, too.

Speaking on The Kardashians, she said: “This always shuts them up.

“I always say, ‘OK guys, do you want me to just cut myself in half or in fours and a part will you go with you and a part will go with you’. And they like, look at me, like ‘no don’t ever do that’ and I’m like ‘OK well if you all want me at the same time, we’ve got to chill’.”

Nicole gives her take on Kim’s parenting style: “Kim not saying no to her children may come from a very innocent place of simply wanting them to feel loved. Kim may also be trying to win her children’s love by not being strict and by not saying no to them.

“In the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim says that she wishes she had it in her to be strict with her kids but she’s just one person and it’s overwhelming. It’s possible that Kim’s emotional reserves are already taxed due to being a single mom and working so much and she simply does not have the energy in her to say no to her children’s requests.

“Often when a parent says no to a child, the child reacts with strong emotion or puts up a fight, and Kim may be trying to avoid this scenario because she doesn’t have the energy or emotional reserves to put up a fight.”

The expert adds that there’s another element to being Kim’s child: “The Kardashians are almost always surrounded by people whether it’s staff, paparazzi or fans, and it’s possible that Kim doesn’t want her children to cause a scene and so it’s easier for her to just give in rather than risk her children misbehaving and it becoming a tabloid story.”


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