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Kenny Kunene says PA will stay in GNU even if it does not get what it wants [VIDEO]

Kenny Kunene

Patriotic Alliance (PA) deputy president Kenny Kunene says the party is putting South Africa first, even if the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) decisions do not go their way.

This comes after DA federal council chair Helen Zille challenged remarks by ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, that the ANC was open to other parties joining the GNU.

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She said the DA would have to be consulted first, according to the document signed by GNU parties. To this, PA leader Gayton McKenzie rubbished Zille’s claims.

This also follows McKenzie demanding the PA get the Minister of Police position, after first asking for the Home Affairs one.

Keeping an ‘open mind’

“Our president [Gayton McKenzie] will go into those discussions with an open mind. We are not saying ‘give this, or [take] the highway’,” Kunene told eNCA on Thursday.

“We understand we are in a coalition, there are other political parties. We understand that the composition of government is the prerogative of the president.”

Knowing this, Kunene said the PA’s leaders will engage on important points.

“It doesn’t mean if we don’t get what we want, we are going to leave. Remember, we are in the GNU to serve South Africans.

“So even if we don’t get what we want, we will then see how do we then best [serve] South Africans in whatever we get,” Kunene said.

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He added that he has made it publicly clear that they are “not in the business of serving tourists”.

“We are in the business of serving South Africans. Our manifesto is very clear – that we want to serve South Africans,” he concluded.

The party also has a strong stance against illegal immigrants exemplified by its volunteers chasing them away at the border.

Watch a video of the PA deputy president’s talk below:

Minister of Police

When Bheki Cele did not make it onto the list of ANC members to return to Parliament, the position became vacant after his last day in office on Tuesday this week.

McKenzie said the PA is equipped to fill the Police Ministry role.

“None of the other parties are equipped to deal with mafias and murders. South Africa needs me at this time. I will deal with mafias, those who are sabotaging infrastructure to cause load shedding and gangsters.

“I am equipped because of my past life, my future life, and my current life to deal with them.”

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Additional reporting by Kyle Zeeman.