Hostage rescue brings hope — and fear — for Americans with loved ones still held in Gaza

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TEL AVIV — Celebrations erupted across Israel on the news that four hostages held by Hamas, including 26-year-old Noa Argamani, had been rescued in a high-stakes military operation in central Gaza over the weekend. 

But for the dozens of families whose relatives remain captive, the news brought mixed feelings: joy for those finally reunited with their loved ones after eight long months since they were taken in Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks, but also despair that their own loved ones weren’t among those saved.

When she first heard about Saturday’s rescue, Aviva Siegel, who was held hostage by Hamas for weeks before being released as part of a landmark deal in November, said she was “so happy, I was jumping into the air.”

“Then, two minutes later, it took me to the sad part of the whole story — worried and worrying about all the hostages,” she told NBC News in an interview in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.