South Africa

FF Plus joins unity government to ‘save SA from ruin’

FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald

On the eve of President Cyril Ramaphosa appointing his cabinet, the FF Plus has announced it is joining the government of national unity (GNU).

The African National Congress (ANC) proposed the unity government after it failed to win an outright majority in the national and provincial elections.

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So far, several parties have agreed to work with the ANC, including the Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Patriotic Alliance (PA), Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) and GOOD Party.

To ‘rebuild SA’

“The FF Plus was invited to become part of the government of national unity (GNU) and decided, after careful consideration, to get involved to help restore and rebuild South Africa,” said FF Plus leader Dr. Pieter Groenewald.

“The party has signed the statement of intent and will use this opportunity to implement and promote the party’s policy and its voters’ mandate to save South Africa from ruin.”

“Being part enables the party to participate in processes such as the national dialogue organised as part of the GNU’s activities.”

Groenewald said they would seize this opportunity to contribute to the drafting of better policy directions to get the country on the right track.

“The party will play its part in ensuring stability in the country and considers it its duty to contribute in this way.”

“By actively participating in this collaborative outcome stemming from the elections, the party will play a key role in promoting the country and the FF Plus’s policy directions.”

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“The opportunity afforded by participating in the GNU will also be used to ensure accountability to the people of South Africa through fully restoring Parliament’s role.”

“Parliament’s role as an institution tasked with effectively overseeing the executive authority and holding it accountable, without favouring any single party, must be restored,” Groenewald explained.

He said South Africa must get on the road to economic recovery as soon as possible in order to promote job creation and improve service delivery.

“Yesterday, during his inauguration, President Cyril Ramaphosa echoed the FF Plus’s election slogan in saying that South Africa must be restored and rebuilt,” Groenewald added.

“The FF Plus fully concurs and will, therefore, play a key role in the process of rebuilding the country for everyone’s benefit, neither favouring nor excluding anyone.”