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Fathers Day: Cherish and celebrate your dad every day

Fathers Day

While many will be celebrating fathers day today, I don’t have that luxury as my dad was killed almost 40 years ago.

It’s a nightmare that haunts me to this day and will continue to so for years to come. How I wish he was here so that I could celebrate the stature of the man who I miss so much.

My dad was a remarkable man – adventurous, a crusader and a warrior for the poor. He just liked to help people and we as kids saw the beauty of his superhero ways.

I think every day should be fathers day, because there is no day in your life where you are not duty bound to your dad.

While there is great importance and significance bestowed on a mother, the father also commands respect and plays a vital role to ensure the wellbeing of his family.

In the Islamic song Walid-e-Mohtaram (Respected Father) by Hufadh Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Hamid and Muhammad Huzaiafa speak about the honour and tribute to fathers.

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Some of the points they mention there is, externally a father generally comes across as being very firm and stern. But internally he’s very soft; he utilizes many of his talents, his time, his youth, his energy to take care of his family.


Respected Father Part 2 | Walid e Mohtaram Part 2 | #dad #abu #baap #urdu #kalam #sufi #sad #father #muslim #pakistani #sadness #cry #parents #love #emotion #love

♬ original sound – MyDad – MyDadMyParadise

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Some children generally acknowledge their mothers more than their fathers.

They don’t have a sense of appreciation for what the father does. The father may not have nurtured you directly in terms of breastfeeding you, changing you, washing you, staying up with you when you are not well, but the father has been the backbone of the house.

The father is the one who made so many personal sacrifices in order to be able to give you chances and give you opportunities in life.

While some children may have a feud with their dads, remember, that your father is your father no matter what. He remains the one whose child you are and always shall be.

No matter how bad a father may be, he can never be replaced by anyone as he was appointed by the Almighty for us to be known by.

If you have father, spend time with him, but most importantly, show him how much you love and care for him as I sit and yearn for the feeling of what it is like to have a father.

You are the luckiest children in the world. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.

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