Drama as man retrieves iPhone 15, wig from girlfriend after she turned down his marriage proposal


A Nigerian man caused a scene in a shopping mall as he took back both his iPhone and the wig he gifted his girlfriend after she rejected his marriage proposal.

In a viral video circulating online, a young man went down on one knee to propose marriage to his girlfriend in the midst of a shopping mall. Despite encouragement from her friends present, she declined his proposal.

Drama as man retrieves iPhone, wig from girlfriend after she turned down his marriage proposal

Fueled by anger, the man rose to his feet and forcefully removed the wig his girlfriend was wearing. As bystanders looked on in bewilderment, she hurriedly walked away from him.

After catching up with her, he demanded the return of the iPhone 15 he had purchased for her. Reluctantly, she handed it back, and he promptly exited the mall.

Read some reactions from netizens

De-Eco noted: “What did guys gain on the proposal of a thing. My brother any woman that love you will be the one to ask you when to come see her people”

Bigg M stated: “No wasting of time bro, so she didn’t see him good enough for an Husband material but his spending was good enough for her.”

Apxtips said: “She wants all of the good things but don’t want him. Thief”

Ayemojubar said: “NO REFUNDS IN A RELATIONSHIP. So dear lover boy, before you start pulling a wig and embarrassing your generation outside, spend wisely.”

KING DAVID EMPIRE queried: “When you are dating a girl who goes from one boy to another what do you expect?”