Bawumia’s New Ghana

Every honest Ghanaian concedes that the country is going through challenges. Nonetheless, there is a silver lining in the horizon, but our circumstances require a concerted effort to overcome them. It is also heartwarming that all the economies of the world including the so-called advanced ones are also in the same soup, if not worse.

For political reasons, the naysayers have painted the picture of gloom and doom just to throw dust into the eyes of the people. By our own actions and inactions, we have made living conditions unbearable for majority of the people. Any casual visit to the markets would expose you to the greed and devilish attitudes of the traders.

Even the prices of locally produced food items such as maize, cassava, plantain, yam, vegetables and fruits have shot up through the roofs and the common excuses are high cost transportation and the high prices of farm inputs. As part of the negative propaganda spearheaded by the NDC and its apparatchiks because they lack policy alternatives, have resorted to play on the sentiments and emotions of the people.