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Axed dating show couple lift lid on co-star's 'mesmerizing' hair – 'He owns it'

Love Island’s Ronnie has Harriett and Tiffany waiting in the wings for him to make his mind up about who he likes more this June. The show’s June 19 episode has many viewers taking to social media totally puzzled by Ronnie’s hair. But, some former Islanders finally set the record straight on the rumors about his barnet.

Ronnie’s hairline has sparked tons of comments online. The OG Love Island series 11 star is a semi-pro footballer who revealed he’s besties with Bradley Dack and Olivia Attwood. Heading into the villa, Ronnie said he’s at an age where he’s ready to “find the right person he can build a life with.”

Love Island stars Tiffany and Ronnie sit together
Credit: Screenshot via Love Island/ITVX

Ex Love Islanders lift lid on ‘hair fibre spray’

Appearing on Joe Baggs’ Not My Bag podcast this June, former Islanders Patsy and Munveer spill the tea on vaping and smoking in the villa as well as talking about Ronnie.

They describe the star as a “sweet talker” with a “Cockney accent.”

Not only did the trio discuss Ronnie’s ability to form love triangles like a pro, but they also got chatting about his hair.

Speaking of the star’s snoozing habits, Patsy said: “He literally sleeps upright every single night.”

The podcast host adds: “He’s got like three pillows behind him. No comment on the barnet… Is it because he doesn’t want to ruffle up his hair?”

Munveer said: “He was very open about it. He spoke to the boys, it’s basically hair fibre. The full-backs are gone and he’s using hair fibre… He owns it.”

Ronnie’s hairline has been puzzling fans

Not only are Ronnie’s love triangle shenanigans with Tiffany and Harriett confusing the nation, but his hairline has had people tweeting via X (Twitter) since day one.

Taking to X, one fan wrote: “What’s with Ronnie’s hair it’s driving me mad?”

More thought they’d “cracked the code,” suggesting the star had a “hair transplant” but Munveer now says he uses hair fibre.

Puzzled viewers also said: “What is going on with Ronnie’s hair #loveisland? Has he got a hairpiece on? It’s a totally different texture to the hair on the back of his head.”

More people have created Reddit threads on the subject, asking: “It looks strange to me, but I can’t put my finger on it. Is it loads of hair spray? A toupee? Hair transplant? Weirdly dyed?”

Others took to another Reddit thread to say Ronnie’s hair leaves them “mesmerized.”


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