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A timeline of Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s romance including baby rumor

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In a 2023 relationship that literally no one saw coming, reality TV star Kylie Jenner began dating none other than Hollywood golden boy, Timothée Chalamet.

The world was taken aback in 2023 when rumors began to spring up about Kylie Jenner spending time with Hollywood actor, Timothée Chalamet. Some said it bared the same energy as Kim Kardashian’s unique relationship with Pete Davidson.

Though rumors spiraled for months without either party confirming their relationship, the two were pictured at numerous locations including one moment when fans spotted a hickey on Kylie’s neck.

At first, both parties wanted to keep the relationship casual, which makes sense given Timothée’s packed filming schedule and Kylie’s countless business ventures. Despite the nature of the relationship, that didn’t stop the rumor mill from spinning.

With baby rumors, Coachella appearances, and even potential cheating scandals, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s relationship timeline is one that requires a deeper look.

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It began with a breakup

The next phase of the Kylie Jenner saga began when The Kardashians star split from Travis Scott in January 2023 after five years together. Kylie, 26, reportedly met the French American actor the same month at Paris Couture Week.

Just three months later the rumors were alive and kicking, with numerous so-called “insiders” sharing private information about the relationship timeline. Still, neither Kylie nor Timothée confirmed they were dating.

Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait long until one of Kylie’s cars was spotted in Timothée’s driveway, seemingly confirming they were together. They were also pictured together while chilling with family members like Timothée’s sister Pauline and Kylie’s sibling, Kendall Jenner.

Mixed signals from sources close to the pair

From April 2023 to August of the same year, countless sources offered quotes and insider information to the press. More often than not, these quotes directly contradicted each other, only adding to the confusion over Kylie Jenner’s relationship timeline with Timothée Chalamet.

As some fans attributed Kylie’s evolved sense of style to the actor’s influence, friends of the couple were telling publications about how “different” the relationship feels for the makeup mogul.

Then, just a few weeks later, as one source said the pair rarely hung out with each other and rumors of a split began to circulate, fans speculated that Kylie and Timothée were never really a couple in the first place.

Kylie and Timothée went very public for Beyonce

In September of 2023, Timothée and Kylie did a complete 360 as they ditched the secrecy for a public makeout session at SoFi stadium in California. As you might imagine, fans went absolutely wild, though some took issue with the actor’s smoking habit during the Beyonce performance.

The heat didn’t cool down from there as the Hollywood couple packed on the PDA at the US Open’s Men’s Singles Final just six days later.

The baby that broke the internet

After several public appearances including the Golden Globes and Kylie Jenner’s Christmas party, interest in the couple seemed to wane as they refused to reveal “personal” parts of their relationship.

However, that soon changed when musician Noah Vela suggested Kylie Jenner was expecting Timothée Chalamet’s baby.

“Timothée Chalamet, revealed in a recent interview that he has fallen in love with “Effortlessly, You Make Me Wanna fall” by Noah Vela,” he wrote on social media to promote his new song. “I am so happy to become a father and that Kylie will be the mother. I fell for her effortlessly and I needed to have a kid with her.”

A representative soon trashed the claims, stating that the couple was still together but not expecting a little one anytime soon.

Are Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet still together?

Fans were disappointed in May 2024 as Timothée failed to feature on the latest season of The Kardashians despite dating Kylie while it was filmed. Naturally, this has sparked more rumors that the couple were never really together.

In contrast, some fans have argued that we simply aren’t used to a Kardashian relationship that isn’t front and center in the press.

Most recently, Timothée was snapped getting concerningly close to his co-star Elle Fanning on the set of his upcoming Bob Dylan biopic.

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