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48-year-old TV star's husband, 29, sobs seeing her after surgery – 'Hardest day of my life'

Caroline Stanbury seems unphased by her husband, Sergio Carrallo, crying after her drastic makeover surgery. The TV star went through a lot of different stages via her facelift process. She was called “Porcelanosa” by her hubby and also described herself as a “patchwork doll” and an “alien” during the journey.

Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury is over the moon with her facelift results. Speaking to Page Six, she says: “It’s weird watching the show with my old face.” The 48-year-old adds how she now “needs less makeup,” and “feels great.” She explains she “wishes she’d done it sooner.” However, Caroline’s surgery came with a rollercoaster ride of emotions for her partner.

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury are seen on June 28, 2022 in Mykonos, Greece.
Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Caroline Stanbury says partner Sergio is ’emotional’

Sitting down with Page Six this June, Caroline explains her facelift ended up being “emotional” for herself and her 29-year-old partner.

She says: “Well, Sergio’s emotional if the wind changes. But, I’d only sent him out for a smoothie and he didn’t really understand what a facelift was.”

The RHODubai star says she didn’t “show him how she was going to come out,” adding how she didn’t even know herself what the aftermath of her surgery would look like.

Sergio documents the moment he went to see Caroline at the hospital following her surgery via Instagram and shares how he took her some flowers, a card, and her favorite Hailey Bieber smoothie.

Clearly anxious to see his wife after her facelift, Sergio heads into the room and whispers: “How are you, honey?”

He also breaks down in tears as the two sit in the car together and says it’s the “hardest day of his life.”

Sergio jokes in the IG post that he’s now the “oldest in the relationship,” as well as admitting he didn’t want Caroline to go through with the procedure.

Caroline Stanbury’s ‘alien’ aftermath

Judging by Caroline’s positive reaction to her facelift six months out, it seems all the tears were worth it.

Speaking of her facelift experience, Caroline says: “Even I didn’t really understand how I was coming out.”

“You didn’t see what was under those bandages, and it was pretty scary and you don’t know… the nurses just hand you back and say ‘bye’.”

She adds how as a patient “you don’t know how long this is going to last” and says how “you look crazy on another level.”

Caroline continues: “And, then it’s so funny because you see your face go into an alien face and you’re thinking the alien face actually looked better than that face and you’re like ‘Oh I could live like this’…”

She explains how she never envisaged herself “coming round and looking normal,” but now she’s six months out of surgery, she says she “loved it,” and “can’t recommend it enough.”


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