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WATCH: EFF senior researcher claims investors would “benefit” from an EFF government


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) senior researcher Gumani Tshimomola said it was in the best interest of investors and the private sector to have the party in power after the May 29 elections.

Tshimomola said the EFF would be able to provide economic certainty and ensure that workers are able to produce optimally should the party win with an outright majority or get into a coalition where they have influence.

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EFF rubbishes DA claims

Opposition parties such as the DA claimed that an EFF government or coalition at a national level would threaten investors and worry the private sector.

But Tshimomola said DA leader John Steenhuisen did not understand how investors think.

“When parliament knocks off, he should have used some of the time to go and get some basic. Why would you listen to a person who refuses to engage data and knowledge around what investors are thinking,” he said.

According to Tshimomola the EFF had a plan of ensuring that South Africa’s economy grows and attracts investment. In the last election the EFF received the lowest voter representation overseas which showed poor confidence from people living abroad in the EFF’s policies.

“When the EFF has a role to play in governance particularly at a national level the immediate beneficiaries is going to be the private sector,” he said.

Nationalisation policy

Despite this, Tshimomola said the private sector had no right to tell the EFF what kind of economic certainty they wanted.

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He said the EFF would implement its cardinal pillars which are the foundation principles of the party. This includes nationalisaton and land expropriation.

“We must nationalise the Reserve Bank and what other options do we have because we cannot move to the point of discussing what is the role of the Reserve Bank if it’s owned by private individuals, some of them sitting in Europe,” he said.

EFF economic policy

Tshimomola said there was no scientific evidence that investors or the private sector was scared of an EFF government.

“We are going to create jobs we do not just hypothesise. If you look at other political parties, all of them say they are going to create two million jobs. How do you create two million jobs when there are 11 million people unemployed,” he said.

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