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TV star wears glinting gold ring on marriage finger despite dating guy on yacht

Barbie Pascual on Below Deck has been spotted wearing a gold ring on her marriage finger, sparking questions over whether she is married. In an earlier confessional, the reality star explained why.

As Barbie develops a close romance with co-star, Kyle, on Below Deck, fans are utterly confused as she’s been wearing what appears to be a marriage ring. She previously spoke about her past marriage.

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Below Deck star Barbie wears ring

Barbie Pascual has been wearing a gold ring her left hand on Below Deck, and hasn’t taken it off for many seasons. However, it’s leaving everyone super confused about if she’s still married to her ex.

A fan said, “Am I losing it or is Barbie wearing what looks like a wedding band? Obviously she’s not married but after seeing the way she talks about her father I’m wondering if it’s a promise ring from him.”

Another wrote, “She is married but as someone who worked in the service industry for 20 years, I always wore an engagement style ring on that hand because it kept most people from hitting on me.”

She is technically still married

Barbie is still technically married to her estranged husband, but they are separated. She explained on an episode 6 how she had not yet signed official legal papers for a divorce since their split.

She said they “were just too lazy and busy to start the paperwork“. However, fans say that Barbie wearing the Cartier Love ring from a former marriage is a “huge red flag”.

Barbie wearing gold ring on left hand…?
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Fans think ring is symbolic

Some fans think Barbie’s ring is symbolic of the Jewish religion. She has previously said on the show that she hopes to convert to Judaism and has many emotional ties to the religion.

In a clip from episode 5, she discussed her desire to convert, saying, “My soul is Jewish.” Barbie has also said she dreams of being part of the Jewish people and that she wants a Jewish husband.


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