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TV star left with 'golf course stomach' after drastic surgery complications

AliceJean appeared on TLC show, Botched Bariatrics, revealing that a botched surgery had left her with six belly buttons. Described as a golf course for a stomach, surgeons try the tackle the complications.

She went through a weight loss journey that left her with excess skin, which bothers AliceJean the most. The TLC star was left with pain, rashes and “horrible” holes in her stomach after a risky surgery.

Credit: Botched Bariatrics/TLC/Twitter

Botched Bariatrics star AliceJean

AliceJean, who struggled with her weight her entire life, and was the “chubbiest kid on the block” as a child. When prom came around, nobody asked her to be their date.

A family member told her, “That’s because you’re too fat.” AliceJean will never forget that moment, but ended up going on to get pregnant and gain 50lbs, but “didn’t care” at the time.

She had a daughter, who died after she reached two years old. “That was just a spiral downhill for me,” AliceJean recalled, before going through divorce, which was the final straw.

AliceJean has six belly buttons

AliceJean admits she would “eat herself to death” after both her daughter and husband were gone. She’s since met a new husband, Charlie, and he “loved her for who she is” while she weighed 250lbs.

She said he’d do anything for her, and often reaches for food items too far away while shopping. AliceJean is still in love with the man who brought her a son, in 1985, who she’s “grateful” for.

When her son got older and kids made fun of him for “having a fat mom,” AliceJean underwent weight loss surgery. But surgery complications left her with six belly buttons, as revealed on Botched Bariatrics.

Inside AliceJean’s transformation

AliceJean had a total transformation after getting surgery on Botched Bariatrics. Seven years after getting a botched bariatric surgery, the TLC doctors helped AliceJean resume a more normal life.

The surgeons were able to remove her six belly buttons, the rash, the extra skin, and the hernia issues, even though it was one of their most difficult procedures.


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