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TV mom misses her young son 'terribly' after his sudden death – 'It's hard to believe'

Robert Garrison Brown’s cause of death has been confirmed, as an autopsy states alcohol poisoning was a contributing factor to his death, while traces of caffeine were found in his body at the time.

Janelle Brown‘s son, Garrison, who she shared with Kody Brown, died aged 25 in March. She celebrated his heavenly birthday on April 11, saying losing him is still “hard to believe” as she “misses him terribly”.

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Robert Garrison Brown: Cause of death

Robert Garrison Brown’s cause of death was ruled as suicide. In an autopsy report obtained by People, a contributing factor in his death was alcohol poisoning, and he had traces of caffeine in his system.

Brown’s brother Gabriel – one of five siblings – found his body on March 5, with police being called to a report of a death inside a home. They confirmed at the time there was no “indication of foul play”.

Janelle and Kody Brown took to Instagram to announce the sad news shortly later, saying: “Kody and I are deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy, Robert Garrison Brown.”

Janelle celebrated Garrison’s heavenly birthday on April 11, writing she “misses him terribly” and “still feels him nearby sometimes”. She said, “It’s hard to believe you aren’t here anymore.”

She went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, as it’s his favorite place to eat, and said she’s “grateful we will see each other again when my journey is completed”.

Since Garrison Brown’s cause of death was confirmed, Janelle has not shared social media updates, but in recent weeks, has continued to give updates on his cats being looked after by siblings.

College friends hold dinner in memory

Janelle stopped in to enjoy a dinner cooked by Garrison’s buddies as part of a Friendsgiving event. They ate sausage rolls, drank and the best part is Janelle “sat back and enjoyed it,” as she didn’t cook.

That’s not the only memory of Garrison she holds close. Garrison’s cats, Catthew and Patches, are thriving at his sibling Logan and Michelle’s place, while Ms Boots is living her best life with Aspyn and Mitch.

“It was awesome that we could continue to take care of them like he would,” Janelle wrote on Instagram. She has mainly been keeping herself busy, such as spending time picking strawberries at farms.

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