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TV couple 'don't look happy' as they juggle quintuplets but fans 'rooting' for them

Adam and Danielle Busby are the OutDaughtered duo navigating life with quintuplets. Many fans think the Busby couple are heading for divorce as they “don’t look happy” on the new season.

With their girls now getting older and going to school, OutDaughtered follows the family as Danielle Busby becomes increasingly stressed and tells Adam they need help with childcare.

Adam and Danielle on Outdaughtered

Adam and Danielle have starred on Outdaughtered since 2016, ten years after the couple got married. They have six daughters to look after but appear to be facing issues with childcare.

Although Danielle is adamant they need more help to juggle working life and their children, Adam doesn’t believe they need extra assistance, and as a result, they appear to be more stressed.

Their relationship has been rocky this season, but it makes sense, as outside of home, Adam is a freelance photographer, athlete, owner of multiple clothing boutiques, and executive producer of his own TV show!

Fans say they’re ‘heading for divorce’

Viewers watching Outdaughtered believe the couple are “heading for divorce” as they “don’t look happy” on the new season. Many also think they won’t last until their daughters grow older.

One fan wrote, “This season so far of #OutDaughtered seems off.. They don’t look happy.. #Realitytv.”

Another penned, “When OutDaughtered first aired Danielle and Adam were so in love. Now they appear to not to even like each other. It also seems Adam can’t do anything right. They say parents of multiples have a higher chance of divorce. I hope they don’t. #outdaughtered.”

Some fans are backing Danielle. One said, “Danielle has a right to be annoyed. She’s struggling with ALL the house logistics as her husband insists a nanny isn’t needed. #OutDAUGHTERED.”

The Busby relationship timeline

Adam and Danielle met in 2003, tying the knot in 2006. Danielle celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 2023 with a caption, “Happy 17 years to us! There isn’t anyone else that I’d rather do this life with!”

They soon became parents of the only American all-girl quintuplets on record, but Adam and Danielle had struggled with infertility, ultimately becoming pregnant both times by intrauterine insemination.

Danielle delivered the quintuplets via caesarean section 28 weeks into the pregnancy. The Busbys and their four newborn girls were then released to go home between June and July 2015.

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