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TV contestant who attempted to race across the world with just £2K launches new biz

Race Across The World 2024 contestants Alfie Watts, and his bestie, Owen, are on a mission to get from one side of the globe to the other with just £2K. Alfie is now launching a biz…

They start off with £1,390 per person – the cost of airfare – and are expected to get to the other side of the world to win £20K. Race Across The World contestants, Alfie and Owen, have become a fave to win.

Credit: Studio Lambert Ltd/BBC/Race Across The World

Alfie Watts on Race Across The World

Alfie Watts, a football referee, is on Race Across The World 2024 with his best friend, Owen Wood. But it hasn’t been plain sailing, as Alfie went into hiding after the Japan episode sparked online backlash.

He laughed and then quickly scolded himself for being “disrespectful” as they stumbled across the Nakizumō Festival in Japan. However, things have quickly turned around for the duo.

They quickly became fan favorites for their honesty about male mental health and openness about their past traumas. In one scene, Alfie released a lantern in Hoi An, Vietnam in honour of his late mother.

Contestant launches new biz

As viewers watch Alfie and Owen on Race Across The World 2024, one of them has launched his own business. He announced in March that he’s opening a company called RefPro in April.

It is designed as an independent referee training platform designed to improve standards, retention and progress of referees throughout Europe, which he created with friend, Romeo Rojas.

Owen and Alfie’s close friendship

Owen, 21, and Alfie, 20, are best friends, hence why they felt comfortable enough to take on the difficult mission together. They both work in the aviation industry and live in London.

While Owen is a student pilot, Alfie is a trainee air traffic controller. The two travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, as part of their studies, in March 2023 – just six months before their BBC debut!

They met at school but both have different goals in the competition. While one wants to experience everything the race throws at them, the other only has eyes on the finish line.


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