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Turkish barman who wants UK visa claims love for English girlfriend is 'real'

EXCLUSIVE: Sam and Ali from 90 Day Fiance UK season 3 sat down with Reality Titbit to finally address those swirling rumors he’s ‘using’ his girlfriend to become a UK-based millionaire.

Ali, from Turkey, first spotted Sam while working in a hotel bar in Turkey. The 90 Day Fiance UK star felt she was his “angel” and it wasn’t long before they were having a long-distance relationship.

Sam and Ali on 90 Day Fiance UK

Sam and Ali on signed up for 90 Day Fiance UK season 3 after a friend asked if she’s ever watched the Discovery Plus show. Although Sam had never seen it before, they applied and secured a TV spot.

They first met while Sam was on holiday in Turkey, and met Ali at the hotel she’d been going to for several years. Ali had said, “In here comes my angel,” which Sam joked was “absolute cringe”.

She says viewers can “say what they want” about their long-distance relationship, which involves lots of FaceTime calls and WhatsApp messages. They admitted they miss having a physical connection.

She realised he’s a ‘playboy’

Dancer, Sam, who was in a very long-term relationship that phased out before she met Ali, noticed her boyfriend was a local “playboy” when she saw who he followed on social media.

She often asks him about previous relationships, but Ali is persistent that Sam is his first-ever girlfriend. And even though her mum thought they’d just have a holiday fling, their romance has blossomed.

Ali admits that when he saw Sam, he knew straight away that he “needed to do something” and agrees with her that he doesn’t care what other people think about their relationship.

Ali shuts down visa rumors

Ali has shut down anyone who claims he’s using Sam to get a visa in the UK, and fulfil his dreams of becoming a gaming billionaire. He said how “everyone thinks he’s going there for a visa”.

He told Reality Titbit, “I say time and time again, if I was marrying for a visa, why would I marry Samantha if I can find someone richer, older, more easier? It’s real, but it’s okay. Everyone says the same thing.”

Ali continued to say he “wants a life with his girlfriend” in the UK and plans to get a job as a barman, even though he’s aware that it may not be the same as working in a Turkish bar.


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