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SA will look like Orania if ANC loses elections – Cosatu president


Cosatu president Zingiswa Losi said South Africa stands a chance of looking like Orania should the ANC lose the elections later this month.

She was speaking on an ANC podcast show where she was interviewed as a leader of the tripartite alliance which has come under fire from workers including Cosatu affiliated unions for the federation’s blind support to the ANC.

Cosatu’s support for the ANC

“On the 29th of May it will be important for us to vote for the ANC on all three ballot papers for us to continue with the transformation agenda that the ANC government has been on the path for,” Losi said.

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Losi said failure to vote for the ANC will be like handing South Africa to racists.

“We will be handing over South Africa to see what’s happening in Kleinfontein and Orania to become a state of South Africa. We cannot afford to have an Orania or Kleinfontein that is the entire South Africa,” Losi said.

Losi said the ANC needs another chance at governing since the party was dealing with 300 years of colonial problems.

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“In 30 years we have done so much. We have a long way to go, and the ANC is fit for the purpose. The ANC is cleansing itself and we see the results,” Losi said.

Losi said the ANC had its own challenges but is the right party to lead the country. “The upcoming elections are as important as the first democratic elections.”

She denied that the ANC had betrayed the struggle of workers.

“The narrative that the ANC government is more in favour of big business is not true,” she said.

Losi said unions had the responsibility of holding employers accountable and project the gains of workers.

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