Record-breaking final as Outlaws decimate Warriors

By Rasaq Oboirien

It was a record-breaking final day at the recently concluded Flag Football Community Cup, with Outlaws Athletics making history by defeating Warriors Flag Football 80-47.

On a typical game day, 47 points is usually enough to secure a win, but the Outlaws have displayed exceptional skill, winning all their games since the start of the Community Cup.

The co-owner of the Outlaws, Ized Uanikhehi, stated that they had achieved their first target, winning the Community Bowl, and their next goal was to defeat the Spartans, the winner of the regular season.

According to her, what has been working for the team has been close-knit between all the players as nobody is inferior to another.

“In our team we are family. As you can see how we interact, we have everyone’s back, everybody is watching out for everybody,” she said.

“Looking at some team, when there is a mistake, they take a go at the person that made the mistake, but we don’t do that to our team, we believe that if somebody makes a mistake they can come back from that mistake and get a win this time.

“We ensure that we understand mistakes and then we look out for the team members so that they can do better the next time.

“We are looking forward to playing the Spartans who are the winners of the last Season X as we have already won the Community Cup.”

Speaking with journalists after the loss, captain of Warriors Flag Football, Chuku Godswill, said the best team won while calling on people to watch out for his team ahead of the regular season later in the year.

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