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Prince Kaybee apologises for insulting ‘Idols SA’ star amid song theft accusations

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Award-winning DJ, Prince Kaybee, has apologised for insulting Idols SA season 13 runner-up, Botlhale Phora, after Phora accused him of stealing his song.

Phora alleges that he sent Prince Kaybee a song titled Ready via email in 2021 and also reached out to him through TikTok and Messenger.

“Fast forward to 2024, I saw a challenge… When I listened to it, I said this is my song,” Phora explained.

He added that he tried to contact Prince Kaybee to collaborate on the song, but was blocked.

“He blocked me from the get-go. I realised he thinks he is smart, so I went to Facebook to expose what he did,” Phora said, supporting his claims with screenshots.

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Prince Kaybee: ‘The intention was not to insult anyone’

After back and forth on social media, Prince Kaybee penned a lengthy post on X apologising for the insults.

“The intention was not to insult anyone. I got worked up by the allegations that aren’t true. I still stand by my previous stance: I don’t know him, I have never received or replicated his song, and I do not use that email address because I have a personal email.”

He claimed the songs were “in different keys, and don’t even share similar chord progressions”.

“To say I stole the song is really reaching.

“Yes, you might argue he thought of me when he did the song, hence it emphasises my approach and energy in making songs maybe, but that’s still a long shot.

“The song in question was produced from the same template I used to do Charlotte. That’s why it has the same chord progression and other songs in the same key or different.”

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