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'Perfect' TV star confirms fans' worst fears flirting with co-star – 'Girl, why?'

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Below Deck’s Sunny Marquis has fans tearing their hair out this May as she appears to still be going strong with co-star Ben Willoughby. Sunny and Ben sparked an on-screen romance during season 11 but viewers aren’t here for their budding relationship. Many take to social media to question Sunny’s choices and warn her of “red flags.”

Reality TV romances are often short-lived but it appears Bravo stars Sunny and Ben are still either dating or on great terms with one another. Bosun Ben had his feathers ruffled over Captain Kerry’s “micromanaging” this season, and now it seems Below Deck fans are getting heated about his love life.

Below Deck’s Sunny and Ben

In true Below Deck style, things get messy between the crew members this season.

While Barbie is busy working out her feelings for Kyle, deckhand Sunny and her co-star, Ben, are forming more than a friendship while cruising around Grenada.

The two had their fair share of challenges during the Bravo show with Sunny telling Ben she felt “disrespected” in one episode.

She said: “When someone else touches another person’s waist and a**, that is just not OK.”

Sunny asked Ben “what they were” and added how a level of respect was needed given that they were “sleeping together.”

Ben said: “I like you,” before adding his hopes of potentially being an item by the end of the season.

Ben’s ‘in a pickle’

Although Below Deck fans are convinced Ben is waving more red flags Sunny’s way than she should be able to ignore, he’s always voiced how much he likes her.

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in March this year, Ben said how Sunny’s “smile makes him weak at the knees.”

He also writes on Instagram how he’s “in a bit of a pickle” sharing a photograph of himself wrapped up in a rope while Sunny holds the other end of it.

This May, Sunny wrote in the comments of the post: “Wanna tickle my pickle for a nickel?”

Ben replied: “Deal,” before many fans joined the comments section to say: “I think Sunny is a keeper! Don’t break her heart.”

More said they “hope Sunny has wised-up by now about Ben” and another wrote: “Sunny is the whole package. It should be you trying to catch her.”

Sunny also shared snaps of herself and Ben on the ‘gram this May. Her cozy snaps spark concern for her fans who ask: “Girl, why?” and warn her of Ben’s “red flags.”

However, judging by some tweets on X (Twitter) many fans are tired of the on-screen romance.

One tweeted: “I’m so tired of defending Sunny when she consistently wants to choose a man who treats her the exact opposite of what she says she wants.”


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