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'New Netflix show about billion-dollar firm is so out of touch in today's struggling world'

Buying London is the new Netflix show where real estate agents take on multi-million dollar listings for a hefty profit. DDRE Global is the successful firm the show is focused on, owned by Daniel Daggers.

Basically, if you don’t want to feel poor, don’t watch Buying London on Netflix. That seems to be the consensus of most viewers, who ended up turning the entitled series off by episode 1.

Credit: Buying London/Netflix

Buying London follows DDRE Global

DDRE Global is the main real estate agency where the Buying London cast members work. They’ve worked seriously hard to get where they are, but the flaunting of wealth has enraged viewers.

The company, which holds assets of over $3.8 million (£3 million), sells London to royalty and the small 1 percent of wealthy people living in the UK. However, its owner, Daniel Daggers, wasn’t born into a rich family.

His background is far humbler, having grown up in local authority housing in Maida Vale. Daggers’ kitchen designer father and his stay-at-home mother lived in a 600-square-foot flat when he was a kid.

Daniel is a property tycoon responsible for selling over £5 billion worth of property in London. The Buying London star has made record-breaking transactions on some of the world’s most desirable homes!

He spent the last 24 years becoming a leader in the prime and super prime markets across the globe. Daniel’s achievements have since included winning Spear’s UK Property Advisor of the Year Award.

Netflix show is out of touch from reality

Considering the cost of living is extremely difficult for many, due to inflation and living in a post-pandemic world, many think the new Netflix show has been released in poor taste.

Of course, there are ongoing ‘posh’ money-making shows that have run for ages like Made in Chelsea and Selling Sunset, but they’ve already proved they have real lives and genuine personal issues.

However, on Buying London, there’s the argument that worrying about how they’ll sell a listing or whether they can afford a Chanel bag, which, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter.


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