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Netflix star has 'receipts and bombs to drop' for show reunion as fans 'need answers'

The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion is officially on its way, and one Netflix star is coming with the receipts. After a drama-filled season, fans have to wait until later this month to see the gossip.

Netflix certainly knows what they’re doing. After its popular show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, camera crews headed to South Africa and tested a few more unsteady relationships.

Credit: The Ultimatum: South Africa/Netflix

The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion

The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion is happening on May 24, 2024. Netflix subscribers will see Salamina Mosese and Howza Mosese host the drama-filled episode featuring all of the couples.

A huge issue that fans want addressed is the “body-shaming” that went down, as well as the explaining that Nolla has to do, and is described as “a national key point at the reunion”.

Many are convinced Khanya won’t turn up while most are just wondering if Nkateko and Khanya are still a couple. Siza, who Nkateko was matched with, is also a favorite to turn up at the reunion.

Isaac has ‘receipts and bombs’

Isaac, who joined the show with partner, Ruth, revealed he has “receipts and bombs to drop” on May 24. He was paired with Khanya, who has since gone on to have a baby.

When he hinted at the gossip in the comments section of Netflix South Africa’s tease, not all fans agreed with his actions. One said, “They locked the bathroom door when they were kissing [Isaac and Khanya].”

Isaac replied himself, writing, “ncaaa you know so much ☺️I love it for you.” Another also speculated that he had become intimate with Khanya, to which Isaac said they’re “free to suspect”.

Fans ‘need answers’ from reunion

Viewers have been impatiently demanding answers and are hoping to get their questions addressed at the upcoming reunion. One huge question is who Khanya’s baby father is…

A fan wrote, “Salamina, I have so many questions! I need answers😭😭.” Another wrote, “The 24th feels too far. Please tell them no one is allowed to decline the invite to the reunion.”


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