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Netflix star gets her own revenge after failed attempt to join top bosses' agency

Selling Super Houses featured Rasa Bagdonaviciute, before she got her own revenge and hit up Netflix’s new real estate series, Buying London. It comes after a failed attempt to join PK’s agency.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, PK Kemsley, was offering aspiring estate agents the chance to join his agency, on Channel 4’s Selling Super Houses in 2023. However, one contestant is now on Netflix…

Rasa Bagdonaviciute attends an intimate dinner with PINKO celebrating the festive season at Unit X on November 28, 2023 in London, England.
Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for PINKO

Rasa on Selling Super Houses

Rasa was one of eight contestants on Selling Super Houses, a show which followed aspiring estate agents as they competed for the “job of a lifetime” at Dorit Kemsley’s husband, PK’s, independent agency.

Throughout the six episodes, viewers watched as the eight contestants took part in challenges to demonstrate their real estate knowledge, but Rasa didn’t win the competition.

The 35-year-old studied International Business at Vilnius University from 2007 to 2011, before going on to work in customer relations. She then joined DDRE Global as a Prime Real Estate Advisor in 2022.

Buying London star faces drama

Rasa continuously clashed with fellow castmate Lauren Christy on Buying London, but she seems to be in the same friendship group as co-star Rosi Walden, who is close with Sophie Herman.

Amid the drama, she oozes and breathes luxury. During her time on the show, self-proclaimed hustler Rasa says, “If I get the sale done, Chanel bag is on me,” while admitting she’s “hot-headed”.

Inside Rasa’s successful career

Rasa is a luxury real estate adviser based in New York and London. She has spent over 10 years working as a Customer Relations Executive in London’s premier Casino and is now a Netflix star.

She now sells multi-million dollar properties for Dre Global, so it’s safe to say she’s done extremely well for herself. But here’s a secret: Rasa was a popular singer in Lithuania before joining the real estate world.

While her music isn’t available to stream, Rasa states leaving the pop business behind was a better career move for her. She also spent time in Dubai before eventually settling in London in 2014.


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