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Millionaire built up impressive career after living on the streets with just $200 to her name

Netflix’s Buying London star, Juliana Ardenius, is a millionaire. She may be successful now but hit rock bottom several years ago, when she faced homelessness and a toxic relationship with no job.

She’s the star of Netflix‘s new reality show, Buying London. Juliana Ardenius has built up a huge net worth for herself after suddenly having an idea to refurnish homes and emailing over 300 real estate agents.

Juliana Ardenius on Buying London

Juliana Ardenius is an interior designer living in London. The 29-year-old now furnishes footballers’ homes, having moved to London in 2017 as a model who traveled all over the world.

The Sweden-born reality star once won an award at Miss Teen Universe at the age of 19. She thought she was on a good luck streak, until she lost everything. With just $200 (£160) in her bank, she became homeless.

She’d invested all of her money in a friend’s failed project, and while living on the streets, she got into a relationship that became abusive. She had to escape – but that was the beginning of her road to fortune.

Inside Juliana’s luxury job

Juliana reckons she’s the hottest interior designer in London and aims to make the properties she works on look as glamorous as she is. Juliana says herself that she can be “very naughty” when given a chance.

She is also entirely open about her workplace crushes, which causes drama in the office. Juliana runs her own interior design company and recently opened RAINBOW, in Bordeaux.

RAINBOW is Juliana’s 24-month ongoing commercial project redesigning Europe’s largest luxury fashion 900 square-meter concept store, which has a family history dating back 120 years.

She went from $200 to millions

Juliana emailed more than 300 estate agents looking for work while sleeping rough, after having a random idea to build a business furnishing homes. It took time, but her business grew without a penny on marketing.

Relying on word of mouth, she’s now designed footballers’ and high-profile people’s homes – for some of whom she said she has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – and a celebrity hairstylist’s salon.

She now has millions in the bank account, after growing up in a small farming town in Sweden and coming up with one idea that started out small. Now, she’s on Buying London on Netflix!


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