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Kris Jenner let Khloé Kardashian 'drive kids to school at 14 years old' with 'fake license'

Scrap the Thursday night schedule. It’s time to take off the Kylie Cosmetics and hunker down with all the snacks, SKIMS, and anything else you might need because The Kardashians is back on Hulu. In episode 1, Khloé Kardashian reveals she was driving a car at 14 – and Kris was fine with it.

The Kardashians season 5 sees everyone’s favorite trio reunited. Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, and Khloé Kardashian sit down for a catch-up. KoKo reveals it feels like she “never left” when it comes to filming the show. And, Kris explains how she was “saddened” by Scott’s health last season, but thinks he’s now looking better than ever.

Credit: Screenshot via Disney+/The Kardashians

Khloé Kardashian was driving at 14

As Khloé, Kris, and Scott get chatting about Mason Disick, talk turns to how his grandma, Kris, plans on buying him a car in three year’s time.

Scott says: “He’s extremely excited about his new car that you promised him.”

Acting surprised by Kris’ promise, Khloé says: “He’ll be 14.”

Kris casually tells her daughter: “Khloé, you used to drive when you were the same age.”

‘You lied to me’

As Kris drops the bombshell that her daughter, Khloé, was behind the wheel underage, Khloé exclaims: “You lied to me and said that I had a government license.”

Totally in shock, Scott shouts: “What?” sitting in between the two ladies.

Khloé adds: “You’re the one who told me that I was allowed to take the kids to school.”

Still baffled, Scott asks: “You drove the kids to school at 14 and said you had a government license?”

Khloe continues: “Although I couldn’t drive, I was a great driver.”

Kris admits she ‘made it up’

In classic Kris Jenner style, the iconic momager laughs off the whole scenario.

She says in a confessional: “A government license in the state of California is something I think I made up.”

Khloe says: “A government-issued licensee is bulls***.

Kris adds: “It was a little bit different back then. don’t judge me.”

Khloe jokes: “We’re all going to jail. She would’ve had all of her kids taken away if this story came out when we were…”

The stories keep coming as Khloé adds: “With my ‘government license’, before I could drive, we would go to The Standard, that hotel, mom, dad, sh**faced. I’m driving on the freeway at 15, she’s just hanging out, no warning…”

Kris cracks up into hysterics as Khloe retells a story of her vomiting out of the car and it coming back into the car.

Khloe says: “You can’t get acidic throwup out of suede, ok?”

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