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Knitwear magic: Elevating winter fashion with luxurious textures and stylish designs

Jerseys are more than just functional. They’re winter’s fashion staple and can transform workwear through to leisure clobber, upping the ante to effortless style and allowing for shape-shifting looks using the same garments, more often. Knitwear can be fashion forward, slouchy, and sexy, and sometimes all at the same time.

This winter, women’s fashion indulges in a combination of luxurious textures with sophisticated designs said image consultant Lynne McMaster, “The selection this season spans from the tactile delight of plush cardigans to the sleek allure of turtlenecks and the modern charm of cropped styles. The objective is clear: to marry the inherent comfort of knitwear with a polished aesthetic,” she said.

A significant feature of this year’s knitwear look is the pairing of slouchy jerseys together with the momentum of the pantless look. McMaster said it’s a nod to subtlety and refined femininity.

Pair knitwear with sheer tights or stockings, plain black boy shorts or full underwear with sneakers or dress it up with a pair of heels. “This style approach adopts a modest yet captivating allure, showcasing a restrained elegance,” McMaster said, “and of course, it’s all over the world’s biggest fashion magazines, runways and celebrity pages.”

The beauty of turtlenecks, another hot ticket this winter, and oversized jerseys is that they can be dressed up or down, and it doesn’t have to be messy, said Mc Master. “The beauty of this season’s knitwear lies in its versatility. From the snuggly elegance of a turtleneck to the relaxed vibe of a cardigan, the focus should be on how each piece can be adapted to reflect individual styles and preferences,” she said. It also allows a measure of latitude to breathe some extra life into last season’s clobber; oversize means that shaping older garments can be incorporated into any outfit, without looking as if it is.

Knitwear is, at the end of the day, a practical item of clothing and this year comfort, warmth, and style are matched with simple designs, patterned knits, and earthy colours, at times with a measure of adventurous colour like lilacs or deeper greens and blues with dark rust ina starring role. A bold stripe, a side-slit oversized turtleneck or cropped knit can transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and there are plenty of looks to play with this season, McMaster suggested.

McMaster said that this season’s knitwear is not just about clothing but about crafting a personal statement that stands out in the cold, blending traditional elements with modern innovations for a timeless yet contemporary winter wardrobe.

Stunning jerseys are available at most retailers including Edgars, Cotton On and The Fix.

For men, McMaster said it’s all about layering for achieving both a functional and aesthetic appeal. “This season calls for a strategic layering of textures and hues, enabling men to express their personal style through the nuanced assembly of outfits,” she said. The resurgence of ’70s-inspired turtlenecks, also for men, is endorsed by icons like the Rolling Stones and Elton John and suggests a blend of nostalgia with a contemporary flair. “Turtlenecks emerge as the quintessential element of men’s knitwear, prized for their versatility. They seamlessly transition from a base layer under a blazer for formal settings to a standalone piece for relaxed days,” McMaster said.

For day-to-day wear, McMaster suggested that men start with a foundational piece like a chunky knit sweater in deep, seasonal shades, complemented by slim-fit jeans for a balanced silhouette. “Adding a layer such as a parka or quilted jacket completes the look, ensuring warmth without compromising on style,” she added. The guide for formal attire suggests a more structured layering approach. “Initiate with a base t-shirt, layer up with a crisp dress shirt, and then choose between a sweatshirt, cardigan, or turtleneck. A textured blazer, especially in tweed, adds sophistication, while a trench coat provides the final, elegant layer,” she described. “Never underestimate the importance of layer depth in creating an impactful and more formal ensemble,” she said.

This year’s women’s fashion trends, across all seasons, continue momentum towards functional, oversized clothing and natural shape accentuation. Less remains more with the pantless, shirtless and braless, underwear as outerwear looks continuing to dominate red carpet and urban streetwear vibes.

Emerging is the functional aspect of garments and the workwear chic of cargo pants along with a focus on sustainability. Retailers like Edgars are stocking knitwear made from recycled materials this season, Cotton On’s denim is manufactured using less water and energy while other stores like H&M invite customers to recycle unwanted clothing in-store for remanufacture into other items or resale as previously loved fashion. Also consider donating old, unworn jerseys to organisations that provide clothing to the less fortunate this winter.

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