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Kim Kardashian critic believes wild theory on the 'real reason' she was booed on stage

Kim Kardashian has been accused of stopping Dave Portnoy’s invite to the Tom Brady roast event. She received a series of boos on-stage, which is believed to be down to her not letting Dave attend.

It was seriously awkward when Kim Kardashian tried to crack a few jokes at a sports event, only to hear boos from the crowd. However, the reason behind why she got booed is being heavily theorised.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

Dave Portnoy’s ego ‘grows’ over Kim Kardashian rumors

Dave Portnoy has heard news, as reported by Page Six, that Kim was booed by the businessman’s fans at the Tom Brady roast.

Netflix reduced the live-streamed special by 13 minutes when the final cut was added to the streaming platform. However, it’s denied claims they specifically edited out Kim Kardashian being booed on purpose, or that the reality star requested they do so. In a statement, they explained it’s a standard process they do for all live events. Adding, no participant has a say over Netflix’s final decision.

Although, the podcaster claimed his “ego got so big he could barely fit through the door” after hearing rumors the SKIMS founder ‘didn’t want him there’.

A BBF’s co-host told him: “That feeds your initial point that maybe Kim is the one who said you couldn’t go.”

Dave explained: “The theory was there were lots of sports fans, because you could buy a ticket”.

He hinted, again, how he firmly believes Kim and Tom Brady were romantically linked in the past. Even though, the two have consistently denied the dating rumors, which began in 2023.

Kim even joked about the speculation of their romance at the roast!

But Dave and the BFFs co-host still think it’s true, saying: “You can see it in their eyes.”

Kim wasn’t on the invite list, apparently

Dave further claims Kim was not on the Tom Brady roast event invite list, via Andrew Schultz. Apparently, Andrew had a list with everyone’s names on it who attended, and she was not on there.

Although, the comedian wasn’t in charge of the event, nor works for Netflix. So why he would have a ‘list’ hasn’t been explained, as he’s not connected to the special.

Dave also spoke of how Tom’s roast on The Kardashians star “wasn’t a jab at Kim” but a jab at her ex, Kanye West. He said, “So it’s like, ‘Hey Tom, make a joke about my crazy husband.’”

His co-host said, “It was strictly Boston people. They were there for the Patriots, were there for the football players. So everyone that knew them probably knew you, and it could be a crossover.”

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