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Kardashians fans 'sad' over Scott Disick's 'different' look – 'He looked so much better before'

Kardashians fans are patiently waiting for the party to start this May – and by that we mean the eagerly anticipated arrival of The Kardashians season 5. As snippets and teasers hit social media, fans are getting more excited to see the new episodes. But, some are “saddened” by Scott Disick’s “different” look.

After having huge success with 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans of the Kar-Jenners thought their reality TV days were over. But, two years ago, the famous family returned for a brand-new series on Hulu. Khloe, Kim, Kris, and The Lord Scott Disick himself, are all back for season 5.

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Scott Disick’s ‘veneers’ rumors

The latest Kardashians’ teaser trailer has fans confused by Scott’s appearance these days.

Although the TV star only appears in the snippet for seconds as he pops a bottle of champagne with Khloé Kardashian, a glimpse appears to be enough for fans to dissect his looks.

Fans wrote in the post’s comments: “Scott’s voice, weight loss and veneers … what’s the story there?”

Another wrote on the post: “Scott is so different.”

More were taking to X (Twitter) over the star’s smile last season: “I’m watching season 4 of the Kardashians and I’m so sad Scott Disick got veneers he looked so much better before.”

Scott hasn’t said he’s opted for dental work or “veneers,” but he did share a post of himself using a tooth-whitening kit some years back.

Taking to Facebook, Scott plugged a brand and wrote: “Even guys gotta take care of their teeth. I’ve been using this whitening kit… the results have been amazing!”

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Kardashians star’s weight loss

One aspect of Scott’s appearance that keeps cropping up among critics is “weight loss.”

Many Kardashians fans are convinced the dad of three has lost weight in recent times, with some even suggesting he looks “gaunt” on social media.

Scott hasn’t addressed comments about “losing weight,” but he did endure a health scare during The Kardashians season 4. The star had hurt his back after his car crashed, and took months for recovery.

Khloé went along to the hospital with him and ended up asking him if he “needed brain surgery” after he “suggested they get together.”

Scott’s ‘different voice’

More Kardashians fans are not only picking apart Scott’s looks, but his voice, too.

Some expressed concerns over his voice being “different” this May, as more snippets of season 5 are released.

Taking to Instagram, fans comment on how slowly Scott seems to be speaking.

It wouldn’t be the first time his voice has got people asking questions. In season 2, viewers shared their concerns over his voice pointing to a health issue and others said it had “deepened.”

A Reddit thread on Scott’s voice has some people jumping to his defense, however.

One wrote of his “different” voice : “Maybe because he’s getting older”

And, another person commented: “It’s been over 15 years since the dude first appeared on the show. He was 24 when he first showed up and now he’s almost 40. People age…”


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