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Hollywood star's $16m home had six floors but still wasn't big enough for all her clothes

Netflix’s fresh new series Buying London is pretty much the UK’s answer to Buying Beverly Hills. The all-new show features some jaw-dropping property listings held by Daniel Daggers and his team of agents. During episode 1, fans are given a glimpse at Salma Hayek’s former house.

When you think ‘townhouse’, images of grandeur may not come to mind. But the Buying London agents aren’t showing people around just any old houses. They’re showcasing the crème de la crème of property in and around The Big Smoke on the Netflix show.

Buying London Salma Hayek house
Credit: Screenshot via Netflix/Buying London

Salma Hayek house appears on Buying London

During Buying London episode 1, Rosi and Lauren take a look at a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home covering 6,648 sq meters.

It’s a stunning townhouse that covers six floors and comes complete with a kitchen with ceiling-to-floor French doors that open out onto a garden. The house also has a wine cellar, a bathtub carved from a single piece of stone, and a cinema.

Rosi reveals the home was somewhere Hollywood actress Salma Hayek used to live.

She dished on more details, adding how “the walk-in wardrobe wasn’t quite enough for her clothes so she had extra built-in wardrobes built in downstairs, so you’ve got plenty of storage.”

Where is the Buying London property?

The home Salma Hayek used to live in is located “a stone’s throw from Notting Hill.”

Rosi Mae explains the area of Holland Park is “prestigious” in London. She values the property “somewhere between $16m to $19m (£13 to £15 million).”

She adds how it’s known for attracting celebrities and “very wealthy people” who want to buy a big home with some privacy in the city.

Dropping some more big names, Rosi said she thinks you can “literally see Simon Cowell’s house down the street… and many others.”


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