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Heart-wrenching moment TV star says goodbye to old self – 'It's time for me to fly'

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise brings some emotional scenes to the screen this Spring. Shawn Finch and Alliya Batista’s relationship is under the spotlight this season alongside Luke and Madeliene, Kyle and Anika, and more couples who connected across the globe.

During the brand new 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise season, Alliya opens up about her gender transition. The TLC star gets super vulnerable in episode 4, breaking down in tears as she “says goodbye to Douglas.”

Credit: Screenshot via 90 Day Fiancé X account @90dayfiance/90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise

Meet 90 Day Fiancé star Alliya Batista

When 90 Day Fiancé fans first meet Shawn and Alliya, Shawn explains: “I met someone online, a beautiful Brazilian.”

He told his hairdresser: “For the last three years, I’ve been involved with someone by the name of Alliya.”

“When I first met Alliya, she was ‘he’ and ‘he’ was Douglas. Yeah, it’s a little complicated.”

“Alliya is biologically male and when I met her she went by Douglas.”

Shawn said: “He would wear makeup but always had boy clothes, muscularity, hair. Then, about a year and a half into our relationship, everything started to change.”

Alliya says goodbye to Douglas

During 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise season 4 episode 4, Alliya says she wrote a speech she wanted to share with the group.

She said: “Today I want to say goodbye. To say goodbye to all of the stigma imposed onto me.”

The TLC star continued: “I’ve come a long way learning self-love, acceptance, strength, and courage to show the world who I am. Courage to lift my head and not fear judgments.”

As Shawn and more of her loved-ones listen, she adds: “Alliya is the personification of all the shine Douglas had to show. Today, I say goodbye. to all the negativity that his name carried.”

Breaking down in tears, Alliya continues: “Goodbye Douglas, you were my foundation. But, now it’s time for me to fly.”


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