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First-time mother tears up on TV as she receives another surprise addition to her life

Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston was surprised with a new car on 7 Little Johnstons. However, it’s not the only new addition she’s received recently, as the reality TV star just welcomed a baby girl.

7 Little Johnstons is the family show featuring the world’s largest known family of achondroplasia dwarfs. Cast member, Elizabeth Johnston, known as Liz, was surprised by her parents, Amber and Trent.

Liz Johnston surprised with new car

Liz Johnston has been given a new car by parents, Amber and Trent Johnston. Anna and Emma also competed to give Liz the best baby gift, while Jonah switched rooms as his parents set up a nurserY.

While she was still expecting, the parents drove a white car onto their driveway to surprise Liz. However, many fans believe their daughter, Anna, would be told to take the bus if she was a mother-to-be.

A TLC viewer said, “Anna would be shunned and talked bad to. Liz gets a car….” Since 2021, Elizabeth made it her mission to buy a car and worked as much as she could to “make it easier” for her parents.

7 Little Johnstons car tears up

Elizabeth got emotional on 7 Little Johnstons, after she was given the car. She hugged her parents, who mainly bought her the car because she is pregnant, with tears in her eyes.

She had originally found a black car she liked before falling pregnant, and suggested buying it to Amber and Trent. Her father admitted he wanted her to drive for the business as she’s at “that stage in her life”.

Embracing motherhood

Liz welcomed baby girl, Leighton Drew, with partner Brice Bolden in November 2023. The first-time mother went back to work in January after two months off for maternity leave.

She wrote in January, “The past 2 months and 19 days with our sweet baby girl has been absolutely life changing and nothing but amazing, being a mom is the greatest blessing ever.”


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