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'Embarrassing' video of TV star claiming Tupac 'took over her body' resurfaces

Lala Kent once claimed rapper, Tupac Shakur, “took over her body” and even went on to say she was “for sure Tupac” in a past life. Although she said it so seriously, co-star Ariana Madix just laughed.

A resurfaced video of Lala Kent has shocked fans. She felt Tupac took over her body when she went into first grade, stating she “is a thug” and is a “firm believer” that when he died, she became him.

Lala Kent thinks she’s Tupac

Lala Kent genuinely once believed – and she still does, apparently – think she is late rapper, Tupac. She admits she “is sure Tupac is not thrilled with his new body casing” on the SiriusXM show.

“I feel Tupac took over my body in the first grade, when I discovered BET,” she revealed to Bravo. “I knew that there was something different inside of me… I’m a thug.”

Just weeks later, the Vanderpump Rules star went on the Jenny McCarthy Show and said, “I’m not thrilled about the temper,” blaming Tupac, who passed away in 1996, for her emotions.

She got ‘Thug Life’ tattooed

Lala got one of Tupac’s songs, Thug Life, on her inside left ankle, in her handwriting in an up-and-down motion. She claimed on a SiriusXM interview that the ink “looks like a prison stamp”.

Kent told Jenny McCarthy she’s a “firm believer that, when Tupac died, he took over my body.” Back in 2016, she even dressed up wearing a thong bathing suit, featuring the rapper’s abs on the front.

She’s been jokingly called Lauren from Utah The Thug as a nickname, and once admitted on Twitter that she’s been obsessed with the rapper since she was six years old.

‘Embarrassing’ video is no joke

Lala has always maintained that she’s “being for real” when she talks about Tupac taking over her body. However, fans are not convinced and think the whole thing is “embarrassing” for Lala.

One fan wrote, “The second hand embarrassment with this is REAL,” while another penned, “not her blaming Tupac for her temper, queen of avoiding accountability.”

A fellow Pump Rules viewer said, “So Tupac’s spirit is colonized? Please, Lauren. You’re an embarrassment.” Many agree and have even gone as far as to say it’s “hilarious”.


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