Elvis Presley's granddaughter fights scheduled creditor auction of Graceland

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Elvis Presley’s granddaughter is trying to halt the court-approved sale of Graceland, the late singer’s Memphis, Tennessee, compound.

Riley Keough, a successful dramatic actor also known as Danielle Riley Keough, has filed a claim in Tennessee civil court that alleges the creditor behind the foreclosure claim used forged signatures.

Keough, who was granted virtual control of Graceland Mansion and much of Elvis’ estate after her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, died last year, alleges in the suit that the creditor’s paperwork on a $3.8 million loan to Graceland trustees, with a deed of trust on the compound pledged as collateral, is fraudulent.

In a statement, Elvis Presley Enterprises — the entity that runs Graceland and the assets of the Elvis Presley Trust — suggested the announced sale is a scheme.