Defense rests in Trump hush money trial without former president's testimony

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Lawyers for Donald Trump rested their case Tuesday without calling him to testify in the first criminal trial of a former president — and after a defense witness got into a heated back and forth with one of the prosecutors.

Trump had said before the trial he would “absolutely” testify. “I’m testifying. I tell the truth. I mean, all I can do is tell the truth. And the truth is that there is no case,” he said on April 12, though he had since softened his stance. His lawyer Alina Habba, who represented Trump in his civil trials but not the criminal case, told Fox News on Monday that Trump “wants to testify… he’s absolutely ready to tell the truth.”

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., was in court for the proceedings and said afterward his father had done the right thing by not taking the stand. “Why would you justify this insanity? Look at the clowns that they put on there. You don’t subject yourself to that nonsense.” he said.

Jurors won’t hear closing arguments until May 28 because of conflicts with jurors’ schedules and the Memorial Day holiday.