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Couple divorced days before agreeing to star in 'intense' survival show

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Race to Survive is back with a brand new season this Spring. Kicking off on May 20, nine duos are going head to head in hopes of bagging a life-changing cash prize. Fathers and son-in-laws, best friends, and former couple Creighton Baird and Paulina Peña are taking part in the New Zealand season.

Following the success of the first USA Network show, Race to Survive New Zealand is here. The USA Network show sees pairs of outdoor enthusiasts compete in a game of endurance. Working alongside their partners, the duos have to navigate a hundred miles of New Zealand’s harshest terrain.

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Race to Survive New Zealand: Creighton and Paulina

Creighton Baird and Paulina Peña are testing their will to survive this May.

The former couple battles it out, having to survive by foraging and hunting their food, all for a $500,000 prize.

Paulina is a “photographer, climber, sports model,” while Creighton is a “creative director” who spends most of his time outdoors.

Creighton and Paulina got a call to take part in the grueling show just four days after getting a divorce.

‘Last thing exes do together’

The duos taking part in Race to Survive New Zealand have some unique bonds. One star is determined not to let his father-in-law down, while Paulina and Creighton were previously married.

The USA Network show’s trailer sees Creighton getting emotional, telling his ex this could be the “last thing they do together.”

The two may have lost their romantic spark, but they still have a shared love for the outdoors.

Taking to Instagram this April, Paulina described her time on the show as: “The most intense, difficult and life-changing experience of my life.”

The two met at a party, and Creighton said it was love at first sight. They were together for five years before getting married.

After two years of marriage, they split. Now as divorcees, they’re embarking on a new challenge together.

Creighton wrote of the experience on IG: “It’s difficult to put into words the amount of emotional, physical, and mental energy I put into this show. It’s a situation I never  thought I would find myself in but I’m beyond thankful that I did.”


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